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Certified Medical Assistant

October 15, 2013 - November 20, 2013
Location:Clearwater, FL
Employment Type:Full Time
Description:This position is considered a medical and clinical position. Work primarily involves the coordination of Physician/ARNP services for Outpatient and Medication Management clients for Adult Outpatient Medical cost centers. Work also involves screening of client records, data collection, and the interpretation of data for outcome studies.
Takes vitals and provides injections.

Directions for Living has embarked upon implementing and imbedding Trauma Informed Care principles throughout our agency. Candidates should have knowledge and/or interest in assisting Directions for Living carry out this implementation.

1.To perform Psychosocial Intakes on new clients coming into the center for services.
2.To initiate treatment Plans and Treatment Plan Reviews for Medication Management clients, ARMS clients and Case Management clients.
3.Respond to telephone calls from clients who are in “crisis” situations.
4.To be familiar with psychiatric medications in order to relay information to clients regarding side effects and medication instructions.


1.Respond to telephone calls from pharmacies that have questions regarding client’s medications, which will necessitate reviewing the medical record and obtaining Physician or ARNP input. This includes verifying the medication name, dosages, frequency, etc.
2.Respond to telephone calls from clients with problems and/or questions regarding their medications, which will necessitate reviewing of the medical record and obtaining Physician or ARNP input.
3.To call in medications on behalf of the Physician/ARNP as the “authorized” designee and document this on the medication log.
4.To monitor the medication supply cabinet to ensure that there is an adequate supply of samples of medication and to call drug representatives when samples are needed.
5.To assist in the surveys and quality control indicators/outcome measures for the Medical Department.
6.To call insurance companies to get “prior authorization” for a medication for the Medical Department.
7. To respond to calls from medication management clients and outpatient clients wanting to Schedule/Reschedule/or Cancel appointments. This must be entered in the computer, a service ticket filled out if it is within a 24-hour time period and to inform medical records by phone of any additions or cancellations to the Physician/ARNP, Nurse, or Therapist schedules within a 24 hour time period.
8.To schedule all “emergency appointments” (within a 24 hour time period) in the computer for all cost centers.
9. Responsible for taking vitals and injections for clients and any other related Medical Assistance Duties.

Medical Records

1. Screen medical records for clients seeing the Physician/ARNP to ensure that all appropriate and necessary documentation is present.
2.To assist Medication Management and Outpatient clients in filling out Releases of Information.
3.Provide notification to the Physician/ARNP if there are any special circumstances of which they should be aware of including review and signature of the Treatment Plan and treatment Plan Review.
4.Document contacts with clients accurately in the clinical record in a timely manner.
5.Monitor Physician/ARNP caseloads and follow the appropriate closing procedure as outlined in Policy and Procedure #9630.
6.Make referrals to other programs within the organization and do the necessary paperwork to transfer paperwork involved.
7.Make referrals to outside agencies as related to client’s needs and do the necessary paperwork involved.
8. Assure client demographic data is correct.
9.Keep all necessary medical forms available for the Physician/ARNP including the authorization forms for the restricted IDP medications.
10. Complete all HMO insurance forms on behalf of the Physician/ARNP for the Medication Management clients, Case Management, and ARMS clients.

Data Entry Duties

1.Accurately enter and update client demographic data, as necessary.
2.Access the computer system for scheduling information, services received, and number of failed or canceled visits.
3.Schedule/reschedule/cancel appointments in the computer.
4.Accurately enter and update outcome study information.
5.Type letters regarding clients for the Physician/ARNP when requested.

Qualifications:Formal Education

Must be a Certified Medical Assistant. Certified Phlebotomotist and in Injections.


1.Excellent communication skills and the ability to relate well to all types of people.
2.Minimum data entry and typing sped of 35 correct wpm.
3.Legible handwriting, accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
4.Excellent organizational and time management skills.
5.Basic computer literacy.


1.Minimum at least one year of mental health and/or medical experience.


1.To stay calm and follow procedures in a crisis.
2.To sit for long periods of time.
3.To manipulate charts weighing 3 pounds from horizontal and vertical filing systems, lift them vertically to arms length and to bend to lowest filing cabinets and drawers for filing purposes.
4.To access the computer system for information.
5.Requires stamina to keep pace in a fast paced office.
6.To speak clearly and distinctly and to read and speak English correctly.
7.To adapt quickly to change.


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